DIY stereo system:

Bottlehead Stereomour 2A3 amp
Shigaclone CD player, external power supply
DAC (47 Labs clone, Audiosector kit)
Custom turntable
Phono stage (47 Labs clone, Audiosector kit)
25Hz Tapped Horn Dual subwoofers with SS amp
miniDSP active crossover
Custom wires and interconnects

BH Stereomour4

BH Stereomour2


Dual mono SS amp, Shigaclone CD player, DAC (47 Labs clones, Audiosector kits)

MG setup0709sml

MG shigaclone amp

Dual power supplies for SS amp

power supplies

MG stereo w_airborne 3

DIY Shigaclone CD player, (47 Labs clone, Audiosector kit)

MG shigaclone

Mal GC AmpShiga07