more about us

My brother Peter is a master custom cabinet maker, running a very successful shop in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. I’m a freelance graphic designer with a strong interest in the science of acoustics. Both of us have a love for music. Our goal is to build beautiful cabinets that reproduce sound as realistically as possible. It’s a very satisfying hobby that rewards us with beautiful sound. And we manage to sell enough systems to almost finance our obsession.

We use only high quality components, favouring single, full-range drivers with no crossovers to get in the way of the reproduction. We work with time honoured horn designs, optimized by computer assisted programs.

Each speaker from this shop is like a piece of fine furniture. There is no assembly line. Every one is hand built with an eye on quality. MDF is avoided in most cases, preferring fine, solid wood or Baltic Birch plywood. Sometimes a cabinet will be laminated with beautifully figured veneers. We like to think of our speakers as more like hand-made musical instruments – capable of delivering amazingly real and natural sound.

Aesthetically pleasing design, exceptional quality, spectacular sound – what more could you ask for in a loudspeaker.

Thanks for looking!

Malcolm Goodwin